Our Services


Our wonderful volunteers provide support to patients and their loved ones in the following areas: providing help with chores, preparing light meals, and spending time with the hospice patient and their families in order to give them emotional support and companionship. Our volunteers are scheduled by patient request or as needed by the family.

San Antonio Hospice Care maintains rigorous standards for its volunteer program to ensure that volunteers are always in good standing within the community. Our program includes an application, background check, and an interview process to ensure that volunteers are the right fit for patients and their loved ones. Additionally, we have an organized training program that all volunteers must undergo. The training includes an overview of the function of hospice, the requirements of confidentiality, the guidelines of interacting with families, the enhancement of their listening skills, the recognition of signs and symptoms of approaching death, and how to support those dealing with loss, grief and bereavement.


We dedicate ourselves to promoting the quality of life for all of our patients. We analyze and assess each patient’s individual needs and provide the necessary medical equipment necessary. Our list of Medical Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

Electric Hospital Beds: Both with and without bed rails to help protect those who are more prone to fall.

Over the Bed Tables: For patients who have limited mobility, this helps provide the comfort and convenience of having things close.

Wheel Chairs: We have a range of sizes to accommodate various levels of positioning and mobility.

Oxygen: We stock both in-home oxygen concentrators as well as portable tanks for outside mobility.

Bed Side Commodes: The moveable toilets can be kept close to the bedside for patients who are weak or unsteady.

Shower Chairs: These chair help making bathing easier for those patients who may tire more easily.

Walkers: These stabilizing walkers help to increase the patients ability to independently and safely walk.


San Antonio Hospice Care, in accordance with the guidelines provided by Medicare, and at no cost to the individual, will provide and deliver any and all prescription and over-the-counter medication that is required for pain and symptom control in the management of the patient’s terminal condition. However, Medicare does not allow for the coverage of medications that are not related to the individual’s terminal condition. Nevertheless, per Medicare, your stand-alone Part D plan or Medicare Advantage drug coverage may still cover additional medications that are unrelated to your terminal condition, but your plan’s coverage rules will still apply.


SAHC’s Spiritual Care Counselors can be ministers of any faith. Regardless of the denomination, their main goal is to provide spiritual consolation and guidance to our patients, to their families, and to caregivers, as requested. Our Spiritual Care Counselors will conduct a spiritual assessments of our patients within 5 days of being admitted to the hospice program. They are tasked with responding to the spiritual needs and requests of both the patient and their family/caregivers. They may also work in tandem with local clergy when desired by the patient or family/caregiver. The participation of a Spiritual Care in the patients plan of care is entirely up to the patient and their support circle.


Our social worker team specializes in extending emotional support and counseling to patients and their families. They can also assist in identifying other available local services and resources to provide additional support. Their intuitive assessments are made with the intent of fulfilling the goals, needs, and strengths of the patient and their family. Our social workers can also spend time with patients in their homes, in in-patient settings, or through telephone consultations. This ensures that their services are tailored to provide the most effective, high-level care for our patients .


The San Antonio Hospice Care team is made up of a diverse and professional team spanning many medical disciplines. They focus every day on meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and their family. They will work together to create a care plan that maps out the actions and goals of the patient’s individualized care. For most of our patients, a huge bonus is that our team members can come visit them where they are rather than the patient having to go to them.


San Antonio Hospice Care’s Grief and Bereavement Counselors excel at providing kind and empathetic support to our patients, and to their loved ones, as needed.

Our counselors understand that the grieving process for the loss of our loved ones begins even before the time of their passing and maintain an awareness for the pain that comes from the loss of the relationship, interaction, and all types of support that was had with the loved one.  Our trained counselors work hard every day to assist each family in making it through this difficult time of transition.

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